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The Pet-Tastic Happy Hour – a GenPhilly Event

July 21, 2016

The 7th annual Pet-Tastic Happy Hour  takes place on Thursday  September 14, 2017 at the outdoor plaza of the  Marathon Grill (1818 Market St).  It runs from 5:30 until 7 pm.  Guests are asked to bring pet food or pet accessories to the Happy Hour.  This year, 4 senior centers in West Philadelphia will benefit from these donations.    Hope you can join us for relaxing,  networking and helping Philadelphia’s older adults with pets.


Moving Forward to Support Older Adults and their Pets

September 17, 2012

Our new Aging Research and Planning Report has been posted  (7/2012). 

Take a look at it to learn how prevalent pets are among older adults in and near Philadelphia, why this important to know and how groups around the country are assisting seniors with the care of their pets.  You can find the report by clicking on it in the column of pages to the right.

Thanks for reading Philly Pets and Seniors !  And don’t forget to check our Facebook page for news and events.

About this website…

August 25, 2010

The purpose of this website is to provide valuable information that can assist older persons ( and anyone helping them) in the care and enjoyment of their pet(s).   The site aims to inform the community about pet-related programs that senior citizens can utilize, along with helpful tips to address challenges that may occur from owning a pet later in life.

PETS and  SENIORS  …  can mean different things to different people:

PETS and SENIORS could imply information about the emotional and health benefits that pets can have for seniors,  or about a need for assistance with pet care that some seniors experience.  PETS and SENIORS might bring to mind the opportunity to find forever or foster homes for homeless pets with older people, or it could remind someone of the special needs of senior pets.   It might be of interest to Seniors looking for ideas for dealing with a issue with their pet, or it could be a resource to a Caregiver for an elderly person who has a pet.

Although we will try to address all of these interests,  some will gain more attention than others.  Programs exclusively focusing on PETS and SENIORS in and around Philadelphia are few and just beginning, so there is less information to share about these endeavors.  This is in contrast to other cities, like New York and Atlanta, where projects concerning elders and their companion animals are established and widely acknowledged.  In the meantime, we will post general pet information that can be applied to older people and their pets, as well as information about health benefits, events, models in other cities, and listservs of interest.

Who are we ? 

This website is sponsored by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, the Area Agency on Aging for the City of Philadelphia.  It is PCA’s mission to improve the quality of life for older Philadelphians and to assist them in achieving their maximum level of health, independence and productivity. We recognize that pets are important to many people and contribute to the quality of their lives.

We are working to add information to each of the content areas of the Philly Pets and Seniors site.  So keep checking back!  And we’ve started a Facebook page, where you’ll learn about new developments concerning pets and seniors each week.  Give it a look – there’s always something interesting being posted !


Useful Information:

New Pet Help Desk at Citizen for a No Kill Philadelphia   484 – 466 – 2913. (11/2013)

Sam’s Hope is starting to help pet owners with health or economic difficulties  by providing pet food and veterinary care grants. (8/2013)

Pets For Life is helping pet owners in 19140, 19133, 19134, and 19124 to give their pets great care.  Free spay/neuter surgery is available to residents of these zip codes.  Check the website for the Humane Society of the U S.

FREE Spay / Neuter surgery for pets in 19143, 19145 and 19146 at PAWS !  Owners must be receiving ACCESS or other public assistance .   Clinic is at 2900 Grays Ferry Ave.      Call 215-298-9680 or email       (posted 4/2012)