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Pet Insurance

Helpful articles for researching pet insurance:

Pet Insurance – 2012 comparative table:

Five questions to ask when comparing pet insurance policies    (7/2012)

No Shortcuts to Buying Pet Insurance 

PetMD  Pet Insurance Center    Learn the basics of  the ever-expanding pet health insurance marketplace   (4/2011)

Pet Insurance Surges as Vet Costs Rise (from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AARP | April 12, 2011)     

Consumer Reports (Sept 2010):

This website shares the comments of  users of many pet insurance plans:


 An Argument for Pet Self-Insurance  (New York Times   1-26-2011)


This table compares a variety of pet insurance programs:

A possible alternative to pet insurance:  Pet Assure                      

Membership in the program provides a 25% discount at participating veterinarians and

5% to 50% discounts onvarious pet goods and services.  If you are using  or close to one

of the participating vets, this might be a helpful.

10/2011   A new pet insurance product from Capital Blue Cross:

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