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Pet Polls

May 2011 – Pet MD releases some findings from it’s first survey.

February 2011 – Associated Press-Petside poll:  Most American pet owners are okay with declawing cats, but not  ‘de-barking’ dogs (poll conducted in October 2010)

February 2011 – Associated Press-Petside poll: Training, not Nature –  makes a Bully.

January 2011 – Associated Press-Petside Poll – Are We Giving Up Our Pets ?

November 2010 – Associated poll: Families Prefer to Bring Their Pets on Trips.

An October 2010 Associated poll (reported January 2011) finds that many pet owners feel that their animals have a sixth sense.,0,1711237.story

An Associated poll on whether a store or a shelter would be the source of a new pet.  Conducted in April 2010.                 

Another part of the poll asked about relationships between pets and their owners.      

AARP poll of people age 50 and over, about pet ownership and exercise;   April 2010

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