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Information on Pet Care

The larger animal welfare organizations usually have a portion of their websites devoted  to pet care information.  You can learn about diet, behavior, what to do in emergencies and more.  If you are looking for advice on a problem, try checking each of them:


Best Friends Animal Society

The Humane Society of the U.S.   [Click the dropdown list for the type of animal that you are looking for information about ]

Animal Planet  Cat Care Advice

Pet Health Information and research:

As an example, here is some general information from these groups on common  pet predicaments:

Flea Problems

The new  flea preventatives come in either an oral or a topical form. The oral forms typically only last a short time (Capstar is one example) or do not kill adult fleas and only prevent flea reproduction (e.g., Program).  The most popular forms are the topical preparations, which usually last for about a month and are very effective. Some are more waterproof than others (for example, Frontline is more waterproof than Advantage).    Continued …..

Reassuring a dog during a storm

If you know that a storm is coming, turn on some music or your TV to muffle the sound of the thunder. Create a safe place in your home for the dog.  Let your dog show you where – If  he goes to a favorite spot, make a nice bed there. Encourage him to rest there with you and, if he does relax, offer him  a food-filled Kong or bone. Allow him to leave that spot and return  to it if he wants.    Do not put a  frightened dog in a crate and leave.    Continued …

Trimming your cats claws

Some cats do well with no restraint at all, but most cats need to be held firmly but gently to make sure that no one gets hurt. Try resting the cat in the crook of one arm while holding one paw with the other hand. Or, place the animal on a table and lift one paw at a time. You may even be able  to convince a particularly sociable cat to lie back in your lap.   Now that you’re in position and the cat’s in position, put the claw in the right position, too. Take a paw in your hand and use your thumb and pointer finger to gently press down on the top and bottom of the paw on the joint just behind the claw. This will cause the claw to extend so you can quickly but carefully snip off the sharp tip and no more.    Continued  …

For various Animal Helplines (some use email; some use the phone), see the Philly Pets and  section called “Understanding Animal Behavior”.

FAQ on Cats:   Ask a question about cats –


Helpful information about the all-important litter box:

Some unusual ideas worthy of consideration:

Some ideas for alternative cat litters.  They can save money.


Some cat feeding facts to be aware of:

Most cats need between 200 and 250 kcals per day.  Most 5.5oz cans of cat food have 195 kcals.  Many dry cat foods have upwards of 550 kcal/cup.  That would mean only a 1/2 cup of dry food/day for an adult cat.

Here’s a helpful tool to compare the quality of various pet foods:   Pet foods vary a lot in their  nutrition and level of fillers.

10/2011 – Report on ingredients (i.e.vitamins and minerals) from China in premium brand dog foods:

2/2012   More about pet food and its links to China –   sometimes it’s hard to tell where the pet food comes from

Experts Say There Is Little Oversight on Ingredients in ‘Senior’ Dog Food

Reviews of dog foods by brand


Be cautious.


Consider Veterinary Chiropractic

Pain Treatment

DIABETES IN PETS is not a death sentence.  For information and support, see Diabetic Cats in Need  or

Administering medications to cats.  This is often more difficult than giving medicine to dogs.  Dr. Kris Chandroo, a vet in Canada, has put together simple techniques that help a cat to relax before you give the medication, making the process less stressful.  See          for complete information on this innovative, cat-sensitive approach.



Parasites in indoor-only cats ?  It can happen !

9-2014  Advisory about pilling cats.        Just giving a pill to a cat may cause a condition called esophageal stricture.  The good news is, it’s easy to prevent!

For those times you wonder if the pet medicine you saved is still useable  …

Home Safety Guide for Pets     Lots of information and ideas on things in the home that could be a danger to your pet.

Certain Exercises Benefit Arthritic Dogs
Walking uphill, over low obstacles may help with stiffness and pain from arthritis, study shows.

Ten Subtle Signs of Illness in Cats                                If you have a cat, being aware of these behaviors and attributes can alert you to a health issue before it becomes problematic.

Some Ideas on How to Save onPet Health Care and Vet Bills

The Animal Hospice and End-of-Life Palliative Care Project (AHELP), in Bellevue WA, supports pet owners whose pets have received a limited-life diagnosis.

FIV is NOT a death sentence for cats

Helpful video on getting your cat to like the carrier

Shelter Environment Much More Stressful to Cats than Dogs     When cats are treated as if they were small dogs, stress suppresses the immune systems and infections follow.   The illnesses are usually minor, but are often enough to lead to euthanization.

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