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Senior Pets

Special care for Elderly Pets

Pet360  has a support / information sharing group for the caretakers of senior pets.   Can be very helpful.

Also see:


Common signs of feline dementia

It can be very helpful to read how pet owners describe their experiences with elderly animals possibly suffering with dementia.

Inspiring Advocates for Aged Pets

Save an older pet !  The City of Elderly Love program of Citizens for a No Kill Philadelphia helps older animals.

A sanctuary for old dogs near Allentown PA:    The Sanctuary at Haafsville

A Savior for Senior Dogs

The Grey Muzzle Foundation

Senior Dog Haven & Hospice is a small, foster-based rescue in Delaware.

Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary, in Mays Landing NJ, tries to provide a place for unwanted animals and those who are old or have special needs.

(2012)   Special Adoption Event for Senior Cats and Dogs were held several times by Lovefourpaws.  They took place at Chelsea Senior Living in Jenkintown (Sunrise).   Contact them at      for further information

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