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Understanding Animal Behavior – with Help Desks to contact for advice

Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia have a new Community Pet Help Desk.  They can be reached at  484 – 466 – 2913 or email at     Try them if you are experiencing financial issues around your pet, or behavioral or housing issues.  (11/2013)

The PSPCA has discontinued its Pet Retention program which focused on behavior problems. (7/2015)

October 2011 – The Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team – ACCT – the place that must take in all the stray and surrendered animals in Philadelphia, has a new website and a new service !   It is the ACCT Philly Help Desk.  Call or email them to get help in solving many pet problems   (267-385-3800 or

The Cat Behavior Team at  Philadelphia Animal Control (ACCT) wants to help with cat behavior problems you may be encountering.  They can be contacted through Facebook or  at

Animal behavior can sometimes be confusing for both owner and pet. It is not always easy to understand what is normal behavior for cats and dogs. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Call the FREE behavior helpline 267-347-4674 ext 109  and leave a message for our behaviorist. [A service of the Bucks County SPCA]

 Signs that tell if your cat wants your attention, or wants to be left alone.

 Learn new insights into cat psychology and training from feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy (of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell”)  

A new animal welfare group in the Philadelphia area, The Crossings, is starting an Animal HelpLine.  If a difficult situation involving animals arises, you can contact them to see if they can suggest any solutions.  They can be reached through email at:

Best Friends (the animal sanctuary in Utah) has an Animal Helpline.  They suggest that you first look at all the resources that they provide on the Best Friends website.  If you need additional help after that, then email to:

Email questions to the professional animal trainer at the Helen Woodward Animal Center:

Videos on managing and training pets from the American Humane Association

Animal Humane Society (Minnesota) Behavior Helpline

763 – 489 – 2202      10am to  6 pm, 7 days a week

Capital Area Humane Society Pet Behavior Hotline   –  free automated service available 24 hours a day at  614 – 777 – 0567

FAQ on Cats:   Ask a question about cats –

The ASPCA offers the Virtual Pet Behaviorist database to provide step by step directions to deal with many pet behavior problems.

The Humane Society of the U.S. website has a Cat Behavior Tool to remedy some of those unwanted behaviors.

Medical or training solutions exist for virtually every behavior problem if you are willing to work to solve them. If this program is still available, you can access PAWS’ free pet behavior help online or by calling 425.787.2500 x860. A behavior counselor will be in contact to help you find solutions for the problem. [NOTE:  This PAWS is in the state of Washington. ]   A resource library of advice for dealing with various pet issues exists at

Dog Body language:

Philadelphia Animal Control (ACCT) might still have a Dog Behavior Team to assist you with behavioral problems your dog may display.  You can email them at  ACCTDOGBEHAVIORTEAM@GMAIL.COM

A source of information on cat and dog behavior:

The Florida  Keys SPCA has a list of videos and books recommended to help with training and understanding your dog –

New research demonstrates that the shelter environment is much more stressful to cats than to dogs.    (3/2011)             

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